Reuse | Repurpose | Recycle

repurpose and recycle your candle glassware

We encourage you to reuse / repurpose and recycle your candle glassware, so the following is the best way we know, to clean it out safely ….

How to clean your candle glass out safely

In order to protect our precious waterways and marine life, wax and anything containing fragrance oils, should not be put down the drain/sink

A simple and safe way to clean out your candle glass, is to hold a hairdryer (on a low/medium heat setting) over the candle glass until any wax on the bottom and sides of the glass has melted (soy wax has a low melt point, so you only need a low setting), then wipe the jar out with a paper towel.  Once the wax has all been absorbed into the paper towel and the glass is clean of any residue, you can then rinse further with hot soapy water

We love to see pictures of how creative you are with repurposing our candle glasses, use #georgeandedirepurposed so we can share them on instagram