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a joyful and playful mix

Our candle packaging journey has been a fun and ever evolving story over the last 11 years.  It started with black & white vintage book pages hand wrapped around our candles and moved into 4 (and then 5) vintage style florals we had created by various artists for us.  These florals were used in a mix across all the fragrances in our range and evolved into the gorgeous boxes we have been using over the last couple of years

We have now launched the packaging we have ALWAYS wanted – a floral artwork unique to each fragrance and the artworks are all from the same artist.  We are so excited to finally share all the details about this fabulous new range of packaging with you – it’s been a lovely journey for us

We discovered the work of Australian botanical artist Helen Fitzgerald about three years ago and fell in love with her work ‘Alpine Wildflowers’, so we purchased the rights to use this artwork on our packaging.  It has been in the range for over 2 years now and instantly became our favourite candle box, therefore it was only natural that we would look to Helen’s work to find the new art for this next stage in our packaging journey.  It has been such a delight and joy working with Helen and her husband Bill on this project.  Helen has a large catalogue of artworks spanning many decades, so it was a lot of fun going through all her work to find the right artworks for our packaging.  We ended up falling in love with 10 artworks and Rose then spent a couple of months working with these to find the best scale and position on each of the boxes, along with the perfect colour to enhance them.  The outcome is 14 joyful and colourful signature candles boxes and reed diffuser set boxes – one for each fragrance (YAY!)

Sarah and I are both mad fans of combining florals and stripes (we’ll use it anywhere and everywhere) – we think this combo makes everything more playful and impactful and have been thinking about using stripes on our packaging for years.  It was therefore a very happy day when Rose discovered that adding stripes to these new floral boxes actually made sense and gave them that little ‘extra’ element and made them even more special.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome of this beautiful new packaging

The candle boxes now match the reed diffuser set boxes and the colour of the room spray boxes is also the same – so all fragrances have co-ordinating packaging, which excites us no end.  We hope you love this new playful floral and stripe packaging as much as we do.  It’s been about 18 months in the making, so it feels incredible to finally have it out on display and available to you


Rose & Sarah



Helen Fitzgerald is an Australia​n Botanical Illustration & Wildlife artist based in Queanbeyan, NSW and has been painting, exhibiting and teaching for almost sixty years.  She holds degrees in Applied Science and Art Education and has studied overseas at the University of Vienna and the University of Perugia (Italy).

Born in 1945 into an artistic family, her first painting was accepted for the Wynne Art Exhibition in Sydney when she was only nineteen.  Fun fact: one of Helen’s early jobs as an artist was designing packaging for the beauty company Helena Rubinstein.

Helen has had a long and very successful career as an artist and teacher, with over 30 solo exhibitions in Australia thus far and she is still exhibiting and creating new work.  She has commissioned works hanging in France, Canada, U.K., Germany, USA, Finland, Japan and Italy, as well as in Australia

We absolutely adore Helen’s botanical artworks and are honoured and proud to have them featuring on our new range of packaging – thank you so much Helen (and Bill)!

Helen’s current work can be viewed at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery