The Darker Side Range

Intriguing and a little complex

GEORGE & EDI The Darker Side

The Darker Side of G&E Range

Discover the darker side with us, we promise you it’s not too dark, but rather intriguing, layered and a little complex.  It’s amped up luxury with four new fragrances to swathe your home in

The classic range is inspired by our colourful, lighter side, but we also love moody, darker tones and fragrances that are a little more complex.  The inspiration behind this new darker side range, are the gorgeous floral images from our collaboration in late 2015 with photographer, greta kenyon and lu diamond flowers – the imagery from this photo shoot is everything we love, gorgeous florals with a darker, moody vibe and we have spent the last year working on a range of fragrances inspired by the emotion and mood they envoke

The darker side range launches with four fragrances in perfumed soy candles (one size) and will expand over the year to include perfumed room spray, reed diffusers and perfumed soy melts

Meet our darker side fragrances


Like humphrey himself, this fragrance is intense and passionate with hints of spice, musk and wafts of smoky incense.  A most perfect fragrance for seduction and impromptu parties



A tantalizingly complex and warm fragrance with rich undertones of anise, wood, old leather and a sweet air of delicious mystery


in bloom

The essence of warm summer days in voluptuous bloom, this is the queen of white florals and she is intoxicating and a little flirty


in bloom_LR


This is not your usual lavender fragrance, we designed this one to burn at the end of your day, with lavender notes to relax you, jasmine to soothe away any anxiety and hints of leather and amber to create a luxurious sanctuary that is the perfect setting for a night of restful slumber