How to choose the right candle size and fragrance for your home or event

The size of your space / room

The first thing to consider is what size is the space / room you are looking to infuse with fragrance and the air flow in that space. A larger room with many windows will be able to take a stronger fragrance and a larger scented candle than a smaller room with few windows

For a dinner party, choose a lighter, fresher fragrance like fig or grapefruit & mint as these won’t overtake the room and interrupt the wafting aromas of a delicious meal

The Season

The seasons do affect fragrance choice – on a cold winters night a heavier/spicier fragrance can make your room feel cosy and warm, whereas in summer, something lighter and fresher can make you space feel cooler and more inviting.  But this is also of course personal choice – if a fresh fragrance like fig brings you a sense of peace and calm – then regardless of being summer or winter, you will still experience this

The room / ambience you want to create

There are no strict rules around which fragrance is best in which room (other than in kitchens fresh citrus fragrances are known to help absorb unwanted cooking smells)

The biggest determinator is mood/ambience – what are you wanting to create for the room you are in. Are you wanting to create a calm, cosy space to relax in – such as your bedroom or lounge, or are you wanting to create an active ‘doing space’ – such as your kitchen or home office….

Floral and oriental fragrances like in bloom, vanilla & anise or an aromatic fragrance like 22:00 are perfect for warming a room and helping make it feel cosy and relaxing

Fresh green and fruity fragrances like fig, grapefruit & mint & rhubarbe work well when you are wanting to create a more invigorating vibe – something lighter and uplifting

At the end of the day, the most important thing, above anything else, is that you are surrounded by fragrances you love.  We hope you enjoy the journey of discovering our fragrances and finding the fragrances that you love and will enjoy for many years ……

If you need any help selecting a fragrance – we are here to help, so please just ask