Perfumed soy candle anatomy

What goes into our perfumed candles
Our Perfumed Soy Candles
Proudly made in New Zealand

Our candles are poured in small batches, by our chandler Sarah, at our Wanaka atelier.  Sarah is passionate about her craft and believes the making of a beautiful candle goes far beyond just wax and wick – the nuances of chemistry, fragrance oils and packaging are also very important

At G&E we value slow, mindful production, respecting the age-old craftsmanship involved in candle manufacturing.  We believe the meticulous hand poured process helps us to achieve a quality product, whilst also eliminating waste

Selecting the best raw ingredients available, ensures our candles are always of the highest quality

Our Wax

We use natural soy wax in our scented candles.  Soy wax has a great burn time and due to its lower melting point, a fabulous scent throw. With soy wax the fragrance will remain right until the final burn

Soy wax is a sustainable wax to use and it is one of the best performing waxes for candles.  Derived from soybean oil, it is vegan friendly and contains no additives. It is also one of the cleanest burning waxes

Our Wicks

We use cotton braided wicks.  Each candle size variation and fragrance requires a different size wick – so we do thorough testing to ensure the right wick is chosen for each different candle/fragrance combination

trim the wicks - GEORGE & EDI
Soy candle fragrances NZ
Our Fragrances
Fragrance is at the heart of everything we do and we love the process of creating fragrances that are elegant, lush, adventurous and a little intriguing, so you can have fun and layer your home, or self, in a fragrance that suits your mood and personal style

You may have heard of terms like ‘triple scented’ but at G&E we like to keep things simple.  Natural soy wax will only hold a maximum fragrance loading of around 10-12% before it starts to affect how the candle will burn – it can cause smoking and oil may leach out of the wax.  So, we test all of our fragrances thoroughly and then load to that maximum threshold, ensuring you get the best perfumed soy candle possible

Our fragrances are all international fragrance association (IFRA) certified and phthalate free.  The IFRA standards form the basis of a globally accepted and recognised risk management system, ensuring the safe use of fragrance ingredients

Our new signature candle packaging

We worked with the very talented matt from think packaging to create a new signature box for our candles. We love these new boxes and the playful surprise of colour that is inside each box

There are six floral boxes for our standard and large size candles and also four signature coloured (non floral) boxes for our standard size candles, which brings a little variety into the mix

Our ‘the grande’ size candles are wrapped in a magnolia card sleeve with black lid and our tea lights are packaged in one of our floral bags

The life of a candle

The journey from starting as hard wax to being lit and enjoyed… a little behind the scenes footage